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Andrew Sherry

Adding full bumpers on karts would not help our sport at all. If you did that, what we do would be no different than the fun karts at the miniature golf course. They would just be very expensive bumper karts. IF you have something where you can just bounce off it, drivers are just going to make stupid passes and just use the kart on the outside of them to keep them on the track. When I started racing we didn’t have the full rear width bumper, the breadbox bodywork was still very popular and I’ll be honest the racing was much much better. You actually saw drivers make clean skilled passes. Now you just see people run into the back of the kart in front of them and put them off the track. If you did that with the old style bumpers you were on your head. Yeah there were more flips but it didn’t take long for the idiots driving like that to learn that you in fact can’t drive like that. The more bodywork you put on the more karting becomes like bumper cars. Of course there are risks, we are racing and it’s a dangerous sport but that’s what makes it different than the traditional sport. It’s important to be safe but I believe there is a point where you have to put safety aside and protect the integrity of the sport.