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andy graham

some people like going to the same place every time — thats fine…some like to venture out and try as many as possible — thats good too.  Bottom line is anywhere gets “boring” if you frequent it too often.  As a parent, 103rd particularly nice to have in town, easy on the wallet.  we can decide at the spur of the moment on a sunday afternoon to go make some laps, and, if someone breaks, well at least we didnt spend $100 for track time that we didnt get to use.

I’d like to see the City take a more active role in the maintenance of the track itsself, as it needs some work and its nearly impossible for the club to keep it in top shape with the budget constraints they have.  All that said, they do a good enough job with what they can do and the facility is very user friendly.

I watched the FKCS racing this past August at 103rd, particularly the shifter class.  The racing was great.  in the final, I got to see two of the best gearbox drivers in the country (Neri and Askew) battle it out at super high speeds with Nick showing the younger Askew “the move” in turn one on the last lap, had everyone on the edge of their seat.  Speed, horsepower, Balls and a drafting partner — thats what 103rd is all about from a racing point of view.

Used to be back in the 80s and 90s 103rd was a regular stop on all the big karting tours — STARS of Karting, SKUSA, WKA even the CIK World Finals were held there in `86.  I took my son to the Rolex last year and he had on a karting shirt.  There were a few drivers that asked him if he drove, when he told them he was a 103rd local, all of them lit up and talked about racing there in years past.  Best story Ive heard was Danika going thru turn one (end of the 1000′ straight) on the gas, never lifted, lost control and literally launched off the top  of turn one, flew about 40′ through the air, landed and kept going towards the road, the only thing that stopped her was the fence caught her steering wheel as she was going under it.  I’ve seen and done similar, but not that crazy…


Another great 103rd story is the legend of Scott $peed…it was either a SKUSA or STARS race, and he was turning sub :30 lap times.  Thats the track record that has never been even approached, he was driving a heavily modifyed CR125, more like an RS125 his brother says.  Just for reference, Neri and Askew were turning 32s in the stock moto final of the FKCS….

All that pom pom shaking for the place and we havent been out there in months.   Just got the kid a new chassis and went in on a lease at OKC so hopefully we’ll be inspired to go get some more track time soon…