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Colm O’Higgins

Nate, the 1st thing you need is to realize that you are 1 in about 10,000 drivers who have the same ‘wants’.  You need to start now to bring your dreams to realization.

Many karters and drivers from other disciplines have not made or have almost made it to the ‘big time’.  Some have died trying  Others have become severely injured…Shane Hmiel and Mark Dismore to name a couple.  Many kart racers have toiled for decades with paltry results.

So it is NOT EASY.

But it can be done.   It IS possible.  These days it is both easier and harder.  You are just 14 years old so you have some time on your hands.

First evaluate your physical skill set as well as your mindset.  Do you or will you have the driving skills to be able to rise higher?  Is your goal a fantasy or a realistic possibility?  Are you able to surround yourself with the proper people to take you forward?

In the past decades I have been fortunate to race with Scott Pruett, Mark Dismore, Ron Fellows, Paul Tracy, Scott Goodyear and others who made it to the top levels of auto racing.  They ALL started in kart racing. Many other international drivers did too…Senna and Schumacher included.   Their talent was obvious and they had goals.  Become the next Jamie McDonald and never forget kart racing.  Ayrton Senna said that karting “is the purest form of motorsport”.

If I were to name the first need that you must have it is to set goals for yourself.   A timeline of progression.   Many facets should be included…personal ability, events to attend, top flight equipment is a must,  a succession of racing levels, and winning.

You state that in your Class you finished 2nd overall.  Championships mean something but individual race wins mean the most.  (Schumacher’s words).  Be scouted.   Decide that you have the finances through Sponsorship or personal means or racing industry connections to achieve your dream.

Finances and connections are the most important issues to attend to in the modern world of auto racing.

Then it will happen !!

David Cole’s words above are be read over and over…hard work both on and off the track and determination will be an enabling quality.