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Jim Derrig

What the heck, I’ll play devil’s advocate.

The logic of “less safety equipment means more safety” makes no sense.  If that was the case we should get rid of helmets and require everyone to race barefoot in shorts and Hawaiian shirts, because then everything would be REALLY safe, right?

If the problem is that everything becomes so safe that people will start banging, then the simple solution is to make “avoidable contact” illegal, with an automatic DQ for the person initiating it.  I’ve been in exactly one series where the race director had the guts to enforce this rule and you know what?  We didn’t try to hit each other.  Amazing.

Of course, some sore, DQ’d loser inevitably will whine, pack up his equipment and leave vowing never to come back, which apparently is enough to cause some promotors not to enforce such a rule.  My choice is to avoid a series run by promotors who let nut cases run other karters off the road.

Having said this, I think the current level of protection is fine, as the full width rear bumpers pretty much eliminated 90% of the potential for flips from wheel contact.  So based on empirical (albeit anecdotal) evidence, I don’t see a need for more bumper coverage.  But this “we get more safe by taking away safety equipment” stuff is just wacko in my opinion.