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Robert Lawson

Daytona is very much alive and well, great to see the healthy turn out!

Yes the weather was challenging but the Officials and WKA did a fine job getting us as much time on track as possible. Even the DIS Nazi’s were pleasant this year!!!!! A very pleasant surprise to see a more relaxed attitude with paddock/garage parking and portable transportation. Even saw a few very well mannered pets. Always nice when the entire family can attend. ;)

Brandon, Chuck, Jerry the other Officials and the Girls in reg were awesome in the face of adverse conditions. Great job folks!!!!!

Very satisfied with the performance of our little ICC spec F-125. I got a 2:03.5 with a top speed of 137 on the MyChron. Had a titanic tug-o-war with Jeff Metter in Ultd. 2….very clean and sportsman like battle. Good race Jeff, that was huge fun! The helmet cam shows just how crazy the first few laps really were in the middle of the pack. Really had to be on your toes for sure. Good to see the Unltd. class so healthy with more entries than both sprint shifter classes in the same race group combined!

Thanks to everyone we spoke with sharing info on air/weather and their approach, greatly appreciated!!!!

BIG thank you to Tom Barth (getting better I hear!!!!!!) for the carb set-up and Larry Rumsey for “the coin flip” that decided our jet choice for the race!!!!!

Can’t forget Bill at UTEC for the weekend sponsorship package that got us down there, you helped make our positive result a reality.

Hope everyone made it home safe and beat the storms just in time like we did!

Really looking forward to the Nationals in our region in 14′ and a return to the Beach next December.

Have a safe and prosperous New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!