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Kerry Matthews

Over the years at times the more someone tries to make karting safer the more dangerous it has become. Karting has turned into overpowered rental karts it’s less about driver skill and more about shoving and wrecking somebody. The last step to finally screwing it up is putting on a roll cage in the name of safety. Karting would be safer if you removed all the bodywork you would sure learn respect real quick if you tried to drive the same way. I am fortunate to able to watch guys like Scott Pruett, Lynn Haddock and Ron Emmick race karts seeing those guys race each other hard and passing was an art form it was a joy to watch I can’t say that about karting today.

There’s SO many good comments on here against bigger bumpers, but I like John’s the best, maybe because I’ve talked to Scott Pruett and his father many times about karting… then and now.  They say the same.   I got out of sprint karts because of the carnage, all the younger guys going kamikaze into turn 1 on the first lap.  Granted, I had a rough start in sprint racing, flipping in my second race due to wheel to wheel contact, and breaking several bones and collapsing my lung, so I’m not too keen on contact.  I found road racing to be a lot more fun, but when things go wrong, they go wrong in a big way.  I’ve seen the inside of the ambulance a few times, but I’ve always been lucky and gone home in my own vehicle.  I’m against any more bumpers or safety crap on karts because, as stated above, it takes away from a driver’s skill.  Without them, you know that IF you have contact with another kart, you’re BOTH done for the race, so you do your best to avoid it at all costs.  It makes for better drivers.  And I have done indoor karting with several pro drivers from NorCal, along with some of the SwedeTech guys.  Never been hit so hard in my life.  On a big track, that would not be pretty.