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Robert Lawson

Thanks for Responding.

Because something is lost in text that is obvious when speaking directly person to person, I just want to be clear.

I never called out You or Dave, it would be shortsighted for anyone to think the 2 of you run everything “EKN” or HMG and are solely responsible. I referred to the “glitch” as Censorship simply because none of the other Forum Groups are having this issue…. maybe due to the Road Racing Group being the only section used? But still, even this Group for example had updated 10 months ago with one of Linda Baldus’ additions. A sticky or “pinned” thread at the top of each Group page would have been helpful in knowing that the site was no longer moderated or active.

My point was/is, that the coincidence has a bias of sorts is all, and I have been a regular poster here for years.

Its all good, Safe Travels Bro!