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Robert Lawson


I just spent a good 15-20 minutes writing a thoughtful and intelligent message to you about this website. Just as I finished, it disappeared.

I’m going to seek another forum to post on, what’s happening here is BS. Go to the Main Forum Page and scroll down, look at how long its been since anyone has posted in each Subject. If you open each one they are accurate, except THIS ONE.

No one opening EKN to any page other than the ROAD RACING TOPIC FORUM Directly, with the subject being TRACK DAY DISCUSSION, would even get the true info that WE are the only active and recent subject on the entire sight, even more so than the Classifieds!

Why am I being censored like that? How long has it been going on for GOD sake??? I use this place, even though its a shell of what it once was, to spread the word of the track day happenings. Its no wonder when I hand out a flier at the races guys are flabbergasted. They have NO IDEA we hold these things!

So, I will be moving out. This forum will end like the others, with nothing but a 6 year old memory of when things were much better. But it won’t be because I haven’t brought the views, the traffic, nope…. it will be because EKN is suppressing a guy’s passion and hard work.

If you want info on where we will gather in the future, send me a note here:


I may be back, if I have too……..