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Robert Lawson

We ran into a bit of a snag here with the radiator on the Project kart and did not make it to Mid-Ohio. The rad has a leak after welding air conveyor mounts on it, and Rich has to do the welding at work due to our machine being on the fritz. He takes it in, brings it back, leak has moved, repeat! He dropped it off last night, I have not checked it this AM to see if we can finish off this deal and get it to JW.

So, another massive event at Mid-Ohio, 700+ race entries. This time, for the first time in a few years, no rash of red flags on Saturday. But, we lost another long time road racer, Dan Stowell in race 1 on Sunday. We still have no info from the “investigation” by WKA of the fire and eventual loss of David Lee’s life from Roebling Road back in February.

We all know there are risks. When someone makes a mistake, whether it be in kart prep leading to a failure or on the track in bad judgement/driving habits….. it can happen to you even if its not your doing. So how can you do what you enjoy (driving your kart) and lessen the risk? I’ll tell you, I feel much more at ease on a track day than at these Mega Events for sure. I don’t go to these Events with a trailer, sometimes not at as a spectator either. Personally, I’m no longer comfortable in a crowd. Also, if there are less drivers on the track, or at the event, your chances are better you’ll leave there the way you came. But, nothing is guaranteed in this life…..

Not sure we’ll make Grattan in July, this Project has to be delivered so we have the space to work on our own stuff, which there is plenty! We’ll see, maybe just a vacation to Camp and fish with the Youngin’s and watch. You just never know.