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Robert Lawson

What an awesome day we had!!!

2 days for Dave Ahrens and Myself as we stayed over until Tuesday!!! After packing up most of our stuff except the karts we had Dinner (Venison Brats!) then a nice shower and a quiet bonfire until 11:30…. then off to bed! Got 8 hours of sleep, we had coffee and just relaxed enjoying the peace & quiet of a tranquil Grattan Raceway!!!

Super happy with our little Yamaha Sportsman ride. We straightened out the handing with the tiny 4.50 tires on all 4 corners, repaired the clutch leak for good as its not leaking days later, and got a good tune on the carb. Now I need to drop a bunch of weight so I can be comfortable in it again! Starting the new prescription weight loss plan 5 weeks ago I’m already down 10 lbs and have moved up to the next level of higher potency meds for the next 10 weeks. Very much looking forward to driving all our karts as the Summer progresses.

We have a few events to visit in June/July, a couple in September, and ending things back at Grattan in October.

Plenty of action to report on, stay tuned, it will be an interesting few months!