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Robert Lawson

Here we are, just over 10 days away from our now Annual Summer Test & Tune at Grattan Raceway!

I shared this note elsewhere today but for those who may not “do” social media, (and I don’t blame you!), I’m taking inspiration from others in just the past couple years that participate in these little Private track days. Short of the Weather not cooperating we WILL be on track June 5th even if I don’t get the number I need. Others…. like Brad Jackson, Ted Steffke, Dan Barth, Joe Barth, Joe Wallace, Steve Pasteiner, Eric Chappell, Wayne Rumsey, and I’m sure more, HAVE at some point paid their driver fee and was not able to make it out. They never ask for the $$$ back AND insist that its for the better/future of the group to continue to be able to do these Test’s. They have seen me take it in the rear financially in past years just to keep it going and were grateful….. thats humbling!

So, even though we have a few spots remaining I will make up whatever is necessary to make the full Lease payment, gladly!

With all thats going on out there in this corrupt and morally bankrupt World, when you have the chance to Play….. you’d better do it. The choice to do so may not be your own very soon.

I’ll bring the Yamaha kart home this weekend and get it ready to go. I’m actually looking forward to driving it!!! LOL!