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Robert Lawson

Just a quick note to clear the air….

I have been getting contact from many of you about the Grattan “test & tune” advertised on the News/Main page here at EKN.

NO, its not Me or any of our guys.
YES, I knew about it.

I wish him luck, he’ll need it with that date!

In the spirit of Competition, lets ramp up the conversation about Early June shall we? The week of June 5-6-7 are all open. I would choose Monday the 5th, it allows us to gather on the hill opposite the Paddock outside the track Sunday June 4th until the bikes are finished and leaving. ALSO, it gives us the foresight to call off or move to either the 6th or 7th if weather doesn’t play in our favor.

I’ll be sending this to everyone so, check your inbox guys!