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Robert Lawson

Well, the Spring Test has come and gone.

We did end up having the wrong date, and was moved to the 8-9 weekend just days before our false date of the 1-2. As you know, it was a blessing, as the 1-2 was a cold wash out!

We held on to enough drivers after the date change to STILL run both days. Sunday being Easter, we cut a deal to skip the lunch break in exchange for ending an hour early. That worked out great for the 12 drivers that paid for the full weekend as the last running kart/driver said “No Mas” at 4:28pm!!!

Sarah got her first taste of feeding the group, her rendition of the American classic “Sloppy Joe” was very well accepted! Some Saturday only folks went home earlier in the day so she had an excess to take home. That is not going to happen on a Single Day Test where everyone comes to eat.

So a big Thanks to:

Chuck Alband, my buddy doing tow back on his Quad WITH a walking cast on his foot!

Bob Cole, our main-stay at tow back AND provider of a ride (CIK LO206) for a driver with a terminally broken kart!!!

Bobby K, who spray paints the aging reference cones and argues with me about their placement round the track!

Al Brasher and Pat McIntyre, who helped sweep rocks and squeegee water off the track surface Friday evening!!!

Max & Sarah Pasteiner, for taking the food service off my back (mind!) and doing a Great Job with it.

AND: George Argiris, Steve Pasteiner, John Brasher, John DeBats, Sean Swisz, and all the others who were concerned with my recovering health and offered to do anything needed to keep things running smoothly.

I’m grateful to have these folks as friends!

More coming…..