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Robert Lawson

Its been 2 weeks and we are REALLY kicking ass on the Test Day entries!

Looks like a FULL Weekend is very possible, I’m getting payments and email regularly! MOST of the $$$ I have here is for a 2 day gig. I just hope it continues.

We have a LOT to offer this April, that new bit of paving last fall will make all the difference when it comes to having a fast and enjoyable track to run on. It makes looking at 2 days a little more motivating!!!!

IF I’m able (and willing!) we’ll have the Yamaha kart with us to amuse ourselves. Too much has to be done to the F-125 to get us in a comfortable seating position, so no chance that it will be coming with us.

Still a few weeks out from getting back to work, I’m sticking to the Dr’s schedule. Once turned loose I have the JW project to finish and get out of here 1st. Then, right after that, we’ll be getting the Cadet’s together (basically buying parts) along with the rebuilding/resurrecting of the Renspeed CIK shifter to our “Fashion Show” level of standards! Hoping to have the Shifter ready for shakedown in July at Grattan then loading as much as we can into the trailer for Nelson a couple weeks later.

Really want to enjoy ourselves at Nelson. Run as much as we can and spend quality time with Paul & Jimmy Anthony, Rick Gunther, George Sunderland and anyone else who will put up with us as we camp out for the weekend in late July. After that, God willing, we’ll head back to Gingerman in Sept and play a bit there too.

ALL of my plans hinge on the Kids, if they have the bug then I may just step aside to make room for them.

As I wrote, more $$$ coming in at Paypal!!! Back to work, see you soon!!!