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Robert Lawson

The trip went great, got the kids each a kart and a pile of bits… even Cherri bought something!!!!

Nice guy from Cleveland/Chagrin Falls made me a deal I just couldn’t pass up. He kept throwing things in until ALL of it was included…. the sweet rolling stand too! We didn’t pay asking price AND got a Vortex Mini Rok engine with the package. Best part is, I pulled up the truck and they loaded it all up!!!!

Beyond all that I spoke to a few other Road Racing guys there that asked about April. We will start taking entries now, I actually have a few in the drawer here from October that are ahead of Y’all right now.

The hold overs that couldn’t make it last October paid $225 each so I’m going with that for April too. I expect Sam to hit me for more $$$ but we’ll just have to work harder at getting a bigger crowd to cover it!!!!

Things will start happening quickly now, its staying light longer and we can see April coming.

Back soon!