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Robert Lawson

I either STILL have it, or, the Wife doesn’t know who I am!!!

Well, somehow I talked the Wife into going to the OVKA swap with me!!! I did throw a Friday night at the Hampton/Hilton at her to sweeten the deal but I still can’t believe I pulled it off!

I have meetings set-up with Paul Martin and parts coming from Brad at MCP. Also picking up some Horstman axle clutch bits for John at Fox Valley Kart AND my new CIK bodywork from Doug marsh at Rocketech Motorsports. I’ll also have a PILE of $$$ on hand just incase there is a deal I can’t pass up, I’ve been looking for a sweet deal on a Cadet Kart for the Niece/Nephew…. so I’m taking the Truck just incase!!!!!

Had a 6 week check with the Cardiologist 1-31-23, he said NO WORKIE for another 6 weeks so….. a Shopping we will go!! 6 more weeks of Vacation folks, I may not have enough cash to make it!!!!!

More soon,