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Robert Lawson

I like “Shopping Season”!!!!

Now I know why women love to shop! Man, when I get started it just snowballs. I’m looking at a few more things yet, I don’t really NEED them, but the deals are crazy out there right now!!!!

Super excited about this old CIK kart. Larry will never recognize it when I’m done. I have in the works new bodywork, new fuel tank, rebuilt brakes, new brake lines, new tires, wheels and chassis recoated, billet pedals, new seat, new steering wheel, fresh engine…. I can’t wait to drive it!!!!!!

I have so much I want to get done this year, get the bodywork on both the Yamaha and 4 banger karts, finally build the Emmick F-125 and get around to our own 250!!! With the CIK shifter finished the need for another sit up kart (Anderson) in running condition won’t be super important. I’ll know after 1 weekend if the sit up position will be easier on my back. At that point we’ll know what to finish and SELL and what to hang on to!

5 weeks post-surgery, I feel good, bout 70%! I’ll work on building muscle and stamina when this bone is fully back together. I’m doing a bit now but not as much as I’m capable, and, well under the pace of getting hurt and going backward! It’s cold, I don’t mind being the “Tortoise”.

Hang in there Y’all!!!!