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Robert Lawson

Just 10 weeks until the Spring Test at Grattan!

It may be hard to think about this in January, but, here in the Detroit Burbs…. we have NO snow! I spoke to Harry West who is just north of the snow belt line in Harrison Mi., he also has NO snow…. and THAT is really amazing! Not sure Larry Rumsey way over on the West Coast of MI has snow either. Hey, I dig it!

10 weeks will fly right by. I intend to get out in the garage, even if briefly, to pop pistons out of CIK calipers to get info on rebuilds. Then go shopping! The CIK brake lines and fittings suck, literally! The system is well known for leaking and needing constant bleeding and work. I’ll fix that buy RPM’n this pig and using AMERICAN Fittings, Hoses and Masters! This is an old kart, its not worth anything so I will only be helping it to be track worthy into the future.

As soon as I’m able and cleared by the Doc I’ll be finishing the JW Secret Project (hope you enjoy the build clips on you tube!) that got put on hold for Surgery Season. Looking forward to moving on, in every aspect of life, and running it WFO to the finish!

Hang in there Y’all…. “It’ll get better!”