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Robert Lawson

So, the tune is changing…..

Yesterday Che’ and I went to see the Surgeon. He gave me a clean bill, still on a limited/regulated program of none of this, very little of that, at least for the next few weeks. Last night I slept IN bed instead of on the Lazyboy, I had been in bed early on but wasn’t getting any sleep. Was able to roll onto my right side without too much pain and slept pretty good. Left side, not so much. Dont know why but it just caused a nagging pain in the Sternum. The Doc also asked about the Karts, “when do you get started again?” I said April and he said “no problem, you’ll be stronger than before”.

So as it turns out, it was pretty bad. My Left Anterior Descending artery (had 2 stents) otherwise known as the “Widowmaker” was completely replaced, 2 other arteries had Issues, the Circumflex artery had 2 stents in it as well and it was completely bypassed along with another on that same left side. He removed a portion of my heart on the bottom, a branch of the Acute Marginal artery on the lower right. In all he took 10″ of artery out of my left forearm, a good bit out of my right thigh and an artery from my chest cavity wall. He said I should be good to go for at least 20 years, and, if something needed attention long down the road that Stents will be used. I assured him, NO ONE will ever crack me open again… no chance I’ll go through this a second time!

Now I’m off to the Rec Center to re-up my membership and start on a treadmill…. then the bike, then machines & eventually weights. Dont know that I’ll have anything to drive come April that doesn’t need a bunch of work but we’ll see how I’m feeling. Maybe we’ll play with the 4 banger or the Yamaha!!!

Back soon,