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Robert Lawson

Man, the view from 2 months later is nothing as I expected.

Middle of Nov I started having “symptoms” that I thought were long in my past. By the end of November I cancelled my Hotel reservations, called WKA to give up my garage and entered Dr. Appointment/Pre Surgical Test Season!

To shorten it right up, I chose to believe the Surgeon and have a coronary triple bypass. The alternative was more stents to open the clogged stents from 17-20 years ago. Looking back, I should have insisted on the stents. My Cardiologist said if I went with the stents I’d be back in 3-5 years…. which was what he used to point, or scare me, to the bypass instead. I wish I would have gave it more thought, I actually sat home for a full week with no activity allowed and a bottle of Nitro “just incase” before my surgery date so it couldn’t have been too damn bad. It certainly was not handled as an Emergency situation.

So, the Secret Project did not make Daytona. I did not make Daytona. And now I have this lap full of sour grapes. My tune will change as I heal and get stronger, I hate the cold of Winter anyway, but I’m having a hard time dealing with the feeling I made the wrong choice.

The week before going in I DID make it to Grattan to measure up the parking/display area for a potential swap meet. We’ll see, the weather will play a major part in anyone really getting involved in this.

So, with NOTHING but time on my hands for the next couple months I may be back sooner than later!

Talk Soon,