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Robert Lawson

I froze my a$$ off today loading the trailer! It just kept getting colder as the day went, actually had a bit of snow/rain at one point.

Took a break, warmed up, packed my helmet bag and clothes, re checked the weather, gathered up some food, had lunch! Later, Rich helped me load the karts in and you could feel a change, the sky had big blue sections to it. From here to next Wednesday, it will just get better and better.

The partial repave was finished yesterday afternoon so BONUS…. we’ll have Sun, Heat AND a smooth track!!!! It just gets better if we look forward to April…. very little if any running will be done on it between Sunday and our Date in April!!!!!

I’m out tomorrow by 11am and after a stop to visit with a friend I should be at the track by 3pm. Looking very much forward to seeing everyone and getting a ton of laps on Saturday!

Safe Trip Y’all!!