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Robert Lawson

Back from Pitt, got a sweet NEK seat for the CIK 125 and some bits and pieces for the Secret Project. I saw some old friends and met some new ones that never made face-to-face contact before.

A bad habit is developing at these “Mega-Events” as more serious incidents took place Saturday. The last few years Mid-Ohio has had 5 then 6 red flag incidents, with Pitt sending folks to the Hospital via air lift and ambulance. The “Circuits” can’t be blamed for this but the sheer number of drivers AND the lack of respect or patience by these same drivers IS the issue. Its never ok to make contact but just out of the pit for a practice round or 1st lap race wrecks are just uncalled for.

If this isn’t stopped, and soon, the next major incident will cost the Facility’s provider a good deal of $$$ and a door will be opened. Insurance Providers will give the Tracks an ultimatum…. either get rid of the high-risk group (karts) OR get a new Insurance Provider! At minimum we will see the $50 or more Pit Pass I mentioned a couple years ago. I paid $40 for 1 day (Friday) pass. Racetrack Facilities will choose to stop leasing to the high-risk groups simply because they won’t lose the booking, plenty of others will take the dates.

I won’t bring a kart to these events. Call it age or whatever, but I like the comfort and laid-back atmosphere of the CES gigs at G-man & Grattan. 1 fact seems to be emerging though…. the Laydown classes are far safer statically than all the others!

Set a few things up for Rich to weld tomorrow. I’m pretty confident the F-125 will be back in 1 piece with the “no seat – seat” complete and ready to Test in just 4 weeks.

Back Shortly!