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Robert Lawson

A week out from Gingerman and we are just bustin it here in Roseville!!!

After 2 practice runs chasing clutch stall/slip and feeling out the set up I decided to pull the S4 pipe and install the Sportsman Can. Off to registration to change classes (same race group) and just enough time to pour all the fuel in we had (not enough to finish 40 min race) and go to the grid.

That pipe WAS the problem, even back at Grattan, it acted the same at Gingerman. The Sporty can was awesome! It ran great, made rev’s and speed, only regret was over adjusting the clutch (not enough slip) as it hurt the off corner get-up-and-go. There was just 2 of us in the class and Big Daddy left that guy in the dust!!! I even ran ALL the laps, pedaling it the last 3 laps as it was running out of fuel in the fast rights. I learned a few things, found some things that need work, and was pleasantly surprised by the handling and super strong brakes.

Re-entry this week was slow as I had a few Dr app’s and labs, which bust up and waste most of the day. End of the week was much better as I have been full time on the SP. Making big gains in getting the body squared up and fitted properly. Very tedious this thing, I won’t do another one anytime soon.

As for the F-125….. it won’t be going to Pitt. I will make a dash-n-go, same day deal to test fit/trial sit in a couple different sized NEK seats. Buy one and bail out.

I’m on a roll and want to keep it going. So much work to do before the Oct test on both the F-125 and the SP. Both karts need to turn laps then so no time to hang out watching karts in Pitt!!! Even if briefly,¬†hope to see you there next week!

PS: We have 5 guys already paid for October!!!

More Soon,