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Robert Lawson

Its the last weekend to work on things before Gingerman.

The F-125 “No seat-Seat” is coming along nicely. My plan is to have it ready for Pitt and just use the track time to work out new seating position and final tune on the new carb.

The Secret Project has now picked up speed with the arrival of the “production” bits made from our Mock-ups. The body for this kart has been a real pain in the ass to deal with. It requires a completely different approach than the usual “start at the front and make your way to the rear” way of doing things. But, it will start getting together quickly now.

As I mentioned, we will take the Yamaha Kart to G-man for another shake down. I rebuilt the clutch yesterday, grabbed a gear and dropped it all at Rich’s place for install. Had a bit of brake pad/stub axle shimming to do to get the front brakes rolling free and working correctly. All that is finished. After install I can add oil to the clutch, start it, and set the stall. I’m going to put the same pipe back on it just to be sure the issue WAS the clutch and not a pipe length issue.

Looking forward to a weekend with Che’ & the Kids, and hanging with friends!!!

Hope to see you there!!!!!