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Robert Lawson

As time passes, things change!

I’ve been troubleshooting, diagnosing, and working on the 110v/12v system in the trailer. It needed a new Battery before Grattan (hours before leaving!!!) and now I’m working out whats – what with the Converter/Charger. Its confusing as hell, there are unexplained issues and its taking days instead of hours to figure out.

So, I may just order those clutch parts!!! The F-125 seat is out of the form and in process to be mounted but is yet sitting in wait.

The SP is in a hold pattern as we wait for the Nerfs and Bumper to arrive. We have spent a LOT of time just rigging/aligning/mocking things…. when we start popping holes and hard mounting things, they have to be perfect. No going back at that point!!!!

Karts or no, I’m going to G-Man in a few weeks just to get out of here and relax with friends…. Y’all should join us!!!!!!

More soon,