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Robert Lawson

Working on Seat and SP in unison, trying to get things in order for Gingerman.

I have decided to wait on the Clutch rebuild for the Yamaha kart for now. Rich needs parts for his clutch too and it makes sense to order all of it at the same time. So, the Yamaha kart is OUT (which buys time to mount the bodywork on it too!) for G-man, leaving just the F-125 seat to make/get installed. G-man again more of a fact-finding mission than racing. I want to be sure I have got the new Tillotson carb dialed-in, thats all.

Looking to October and the Test Day, I’ll have the Yamaha ready to go and maybe the F-125 with fresh Nikasil to break-in. If not that will go to Daytona all fresh. Of course, the SP should make an appearance at the October test as well, fingers crossed, we have much to do before then!!!

Back Soon!!!!