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Robert Lawson

Things are moving full speed now!

I’m making progress on the SP (secret project) AND have purchased an engine for the CIK Shifter, which is now a Project itself!!!! Super relieved that didn’t just stop at a brake repair, and, I really want the back up Vortex ICC for the Emmick Enduro Project. THAT is the kart I really want to be building right now. I have assembled an Awesome collection of parts/components to go on that ride that will make my own kart look like a scrapper!!!!!!

The Pasteiner Project, TAG enduro, IS happening as Steve stopped over to Rich’s place and snapped a few pics of the F-125 radiator/air box/system to get an idea of how to set his up. He told us its just a track day ride, nothing too serious, but he’s already got a look in in his eye you only see when a guy is building things himself! I dig that!!!

We are all set at Rich’s to foam-up the new form for my F-125 seat. Also have 2 black enduro sides to lay up for the 4 banger AND full set of red enduro body bits to do before it gets too cold to do. Hitting the SP on weekdays to give us a day for our own stuff AND trying to “rest” a bit on Sunday as well fills the cup to the top.

Busy is good. Eyes wide open here!

Bless Y’all!!!