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Robert Lawson

A week + after Grattan and we are fully into it now!

After running the Yamaha kart we evaluated an issue with the package and have now moved toward getting things back together and ready for the next time out. The F-125 will get a new form fitted seat, this time with a flat bottom so it can be mounted as low as possible. Both these karts will be out for more tuning in September at Gingerman.

I started playing with the Secret Project over the weekend as well. After tying up some loose ends at Rich’s place I can now go full speed ahead on this. The plan is to have this kart ready to run at the Fall Test in October.

I have it on good authority that Steve Pasteiner may be building up a TAG enduro we hope will run with us in F-125. Brandon Schenkel ran very impressive laps in his X-30 enduro running in Unltd at Mid Ohio 2 years ago so its a viable package.

I bought a CIK Sprint kart!!!! I know right??? But, it was actually an investment for a good cause, and should be fun to “polish up” RPM style!!!

So we miss Nelson yet again. We just cant seem to work that gig into our schedule. At this point I hope we make it past Nov. without the SHTF and we’re able to do Daytona one last time.

We’ll see, everything is upside down and backwards out there…..

Hang in there Y’all!!!!