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Robert Lawson

Our date for October is Saturday the 22nd.

Sunday the 23rd is booked so its go-no go for this date.

Been working hard on the Yamaha to get it to “shake down” condition before the July CES event in just 2 weeks. I’m confident this will be possible so I called to secure my garage, garage #1, the same garage we have occupied for as long as I can remember. They sold it to someone else…. of course he offered the adjoining garage as a consolation prize. I did accept but dumbfoundedly so….

Now, IF we do go, I may just pit down in the grass like way back when we got started and bring my generator, and do like everyone else. Saving myself the inflated rate for power in a garage.

Or, we may just skip it altogether….

Mark Sat Oct. 22nd on your calendar and start planning now!

Back Soon,