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Robert Lawson

I forgot to mention the segments of resurfacing at Grattan will continue this Fall. From T1 resurface (2020) to beginning of T5/6,7,8 resurface (2021).

So next April we will get a new T2, T3 and T4 plus the jump!

My midnight shopping spree box has arrived, been plugging away on the Yamaha project, and will take a trip to the Mid-Ohio “flea market” to pick up more used bits/Karts AND drop off some work of my own to be done.

Its going to get crazy busy round here soon. The Grattan event in a few weeks may be out for us BUT opens the door to Nelson or certainly Gingerman for more op’s to shakedown and run what we’ve been working on.

I have to work on the seat of the f125 as well. Warming it and stretching it to fit my large posterior has made a mess of things. The seat mount failed, torn loose from the composite and I drilled and bolted it together to get a last ride at the Test. I’ve already removed it and the struts in prep for sitting right on the floor tray/additional aluminum pan. I feel like I’m sitting ON the kart instead of IN it, so, we will go as low as we can and build some kind of seat from the floor up. This will take time with the “Secret Project” getting ALL of my attention so I don’t expect to get in it again before Gingerman anyway.

Will have to see where the cost of living is at before making plans. That said, I made my Hotel reservations for Daytona yesterday…. with no cost cancelation before Dec 18th of course!!!!!

I keep saying hang in there Y’all, it’ll get better….

We’ll see!