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Robert Lawson

I took an extra day but here we are. The Track Day was awesome, the weather turned for our good and delivered a beautiful day!

The new carb needed to be disassembled and internal adjustments made to get it right but we did get it to function properly…. then it blew up! Well, it wasn’t due to tuning, I stalled the kart and had to exit to refire, I somehow hit the pump switch and when I did get on track it overheated and stuck.

Good news is I caught the clutch, the damage was just aluminum, and, I have the jug fixed up already! After measuring the bore I need a bigger piston than I have on hand but it will be back up and running soon.

We had more pull back/pick-up runs than ever before, probably due to all the new guys that participated. Its all good, everyone got as many laps as they wanted and no EMT runs!!!!

So its on to October for testing but we will get to M-O next week to pick-up some work and off to Grattan or nelson in July to play.

Hope to see you at the track!!