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Robert Lawson

The F-125 was test fired and is loaded in the trailer. I will not be taking any other karts with me next Monday.

Will spend the day letting others handle some of the “hands on” stuff while I try to get all the laps I can, or need, to get this new carb figured out.

Everything is in place, early weather forecast looks good, A couple guys have come onboard so my end is far more reasonable now, just going to cruse into the weekend and get in to track mode.

The track WILL have 110 leaded race gas for $10 per Gl. Also, if you intended to come out Sunday to drop off or Camp, PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 5PM! The road course AND MX track will both be running all weekend and there will be little to no room to stage us before entering the paddock after 6pm.

As always I’ll look at the forecast and make the call no later than Friday AM.

Back soon!