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Robert Lawson

The April 2022 version of the Annual Spring Test is now behind us!

I took the lead of Sam Faasen, the Track Manager, who met ME outside the gate on Saturday afternoon when I arrived. I in turn did the same, parked my truck outside the gate at 7AM on Sunday morning so there would be NO chance of a repeat of Oct 21′.

Believe it or not, I DID have to turn someone away!

Once past that point the day went VERY well. It warmed up pretty quick, I had dropped the coat off by noon. The clear sky and Sunshine was welcomed, we all got some sunburned faces!!!

We got a Sit-Up guy to take laps in the Flathead laydown, I learned that parts for the carb would not have helped my Daytona issues, witnessed my first Yamaha enduro Drag Race, played a part in a complete newbie getting his first karting experience, AND survived a 35 degree temp swing from 6AM to 6PM!!!

Thanks to Chuck Alband for pulling karts on the Quad and Bob Cole in his Truck, patients of the guys at the far end of the paddock until we got the PA working, and ALL the guys that offered to sit out at the same time and take over so I could get some laps….. that was very humbling!

Its the people that make it happen, when we get to the track all our bias and opinions get left outside. For an afternoon we all agree, we are all there for the same reason!!!

Thanks Y’all!!!!