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Robert Lawson

And that’s how it will go down!

We DID get a bit of a break from the Track. They will allow us to start 1 hour later and run 1 hour later moving the on-track time further into the warmest part of the day.

I’m loaded up now, last minute stuff to pile in before heading out. I intend to arrive at the track Saturday afternoon, around 4pm, and get set up.

Dont let the late start keep you from being out there on time. Gate will open at 7am Sunday, once everyone is inside OR its time to get started I’ll lock it down until Lunch break. Again, no visitors, spectators, or extra bodies will be let inside.

Cold in the Morning, warming quickly early afternoon with Sunshine and 55-57F for a high temp. We’ll do just fine, look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

Safe Trip Y’all!!