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Robert Lawson

We are ready to go!

Finished up a few days ago but everything is now done and worked out for April 9th.

I really like this approach. Completely stress free on my end, couldn’t be more pleased.

It’s my intention to be at the track Friday 3-4pm. No activity Friday so we will get in right away to set up/drop off. If you are planning on camping or dropping off Friday it would be best to do so before 7-8pm. The gate will close for the night at 9pm.

Saturday morning gate will open at 7, you will have to print & sign the waiver and get a wristband before crossing the track. I have help that will be checking & addressing the track surface getting it ready before our Driver Meeting at 8:30.

ARRIVE EARLY!  Weather and Conditions permitting we will go green at 9am, the gate will close and will not open until Lunch Break.

There will be a “Buddy Ride” session in the late afternoon near the end of the day. Any Driver willing to let a friend go for a ride please let me know at the break, an announcement will be made for these newbies to come for instruction and a wrist band to gain access to the track.

Most of you know but I’ll say it again, I will not be providing group lunch. Bring whatever you need to get through the day, there will be no concessions at the track.

Anything comes up I’ll post here and send out email/text msg’s.

More soon!!!