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Robert Lawson

Most of you know by now I have taken a different approach to attracting/accepting Test Day participants this Year.

It’s working so well, maybe for good!

If you only get your info from me here, you are already too late to participate. I sent invitations to long time regulars first, them to some less frequent regulars but no new drivers. I even left out some who may have done 2-3 of these in the past.

I’m moving these things back to a CLOSED, very private, very small group, so a full on “taking all comers” is not necessary. Actually, just taking enough to pay the lease AND only offering a single day.

I didn’t stop there. I will not be allowing anyone inside the track that is not a paid driver or their 1 crew member. No spectating, No Social Visits, No Meeting for pick-up/drop-off OR buy/sell.

At this point I have more than enough YES commitments. Having the majority of the $$$ already delivered via PayPal we will make the minimum even if a few opt out. The new format sure seems far less stressful than the old way, and I’m not complaining!