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Robert Lawson

Just a quick update!

2 more weeks and we’re into March!

I have not mentioned April anywhere yet but have started getting some text and other contact about it.

Many have stepped up to offer their time to help out with the running of these things and I’m looking forward to that! Refining what we already do, but also keeping the very laid-back atmosphere that we all LOVE about test/track days.

I’ll be making contact with the “Catering” trailer folks to see what they have to offer and if that is a feasible option for us. Not having to consider everything involved in feeding folks will be a load off my mind. Even when the Track does it for me, I still have the remnants of it to deal with… clean up/left over food & supplies/etc. So, slowly working on things here. Nothing too crazy just yet!

Hope everyone is Well!!!!

Back Soon!