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Robert Lawson

STILL dodging it here, no massive snow fall in Roseville. We got 6″.

Not going to go through all the info here, if you want to understand the Keihin PWC carb we are using go to the YT channel and skim some videos. Went through all the parts I have for the big carb, found a spring that popped off at 30 (down from 60) and that puts it back in spec. Carb is back on the kart in storage where she is being spoiled by 63 degree temps! I have a few small inner bits to try if I’m unable to tune out any issue that might remain. After that I’ll go right back to the 30mm carb and see what the engine has to offer.

As I have said, I really want this PWC carb to work out. But if it doesn’t, a big carb won’t be necessary unless we return to Daytona. I have been offered a Lectron to use as long as I want it, no need to purchase, but that is an option if I so choose. If we know we are going back, I will take the kart to Chicago and work it out on the dyno.

We caught a flu bug, minor thing… a little body ache and lightheadedness for me but the Wife got the temp and a wet nasty cough. Perfect timing as it got me out of shoveling any snow!!!! Feel fine now, gonna take the weekend off too and get after the Yamaha this coming week.

Parts coming for that and did a bunch of leg work chasing brake hubs and rotors to “Americanize” or “RPM” our Anderson SK chassis. Also got the front wheel backspace and hub/rotor/caliper package worked out for the Emmick F-125 so we can move forward building this stuff up. At the very least to the point of being a roller so we can sell them off to someone who wants to finish them their way.

We’ll see, April first then I can start thinking about Summer!