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Robert Lawson

Well, “re entry” this week has not been as bad as I had thought it would be.

Lets see, where do I start…..

Didn’t bring the new wheels, one of the studs on the spare set of front hubs stripped and I just didn’t have the time or patients to deal with it. Didn’t “race” the kart! The engine still runs, I just gave up on working out the carb issue because the track was so rough. Really didn’t want to go back out there, had a splitting headache from the 1st practice run that hung around all the next day. We did help a few other guys get their stuff running, that made everything better.

When the engine DID run cleanly it was obvious the work Renne did was a BIG upgrade from what we had sent him. Now that Daytona has past and there really are no other “very long straight” tracks coming this Summer I can go right back to the 30mm carb if needed and not hurt the performance at all.

I have been researching the function and tuning of this Big Carb all week. Found very good info and made contact with multiple “Shops” or old tuners that know it very well. They have given me enough to think about in the way of things to try to work out the metering issue it had. Ran great on top, fell dead on its face in corners when back shifting, then would light back up and go like a banshee to the next brake zone. Rinse/Repeat……

To be honest I may have just had the needles WAY too fat out of fear of hurting the engine. I actually called Swedetech from our garage at the Speedway and ran everything by him. I was seeing EGT #’s well into the blow up range on the old set-up, after draining H2O and pulling the head it was super safe and fat. It just made no sense and caused my “gun shyness” to tuning. Renne told me to stop looking at it, “Just read the piston crown, head, plug and pull the damn pipe and look at it too!!!”

But the bumps were killin’ me, the Oval was rough too. I thought all my tires were badly out of balance, but others agreed, the place was rough it wasn’t just me.

I decided to Vacation, help others and enjoy myself…. the weather was FANTASTIC every day we were there. No sense in letting THAT go to waste!!!

So, this weekend it is back to work. The Yamaha kart will get finished and off to storage before jumping into anything else…. although I have been sourcing alternatives in brake bits for the Anderson this week too! Big changes coming to that ride, why be like everyone else! We’ll have a 1 off when were done with it.

OK, off I go! New heat in the shop so better get to it!!!

Happy New Year Y’all!!!