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Robert Lawson

Been super busy working on the karts prepping for Daytona.

The F-125 had the entire front end rebuilt/replaced. Adjustable King Pins & Bearings, New Stub Axles/Camber Adj on Spindles, new Hubs, Rotors, Pads and Bearings, we have “strung” the chassis and set toe. Everything is dead tight and spot on, way overdue!

The high volume pipe is fit and checked/repaired of leaks, gearing changed, carb issue solved, and fuel tank fab is finished and will be welded up and done by end of this weekend. Before loading it up it will have to be “tuned” on the scales.

I have also made some progress on the Yamaha kart, once the new side panels are laid-up its all minor “5 minute jobs” to get both karts finished with just under 5 weeks to go.

We took a few things off our to-do/wish list just to give us a bit of breathing room. Look forward to finishing early!!!!! (fingers crossed!)

It will be a VERY BUSY off season with the Anderson to build and the other 125 to at least get 4 corners on it so it can be sold or finished.

It will all go by so quick, April will be here before you know it!

Back Soon!!!