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Robert Lawson

Just a bit of an update on the changes for 22′.

* Access by Gate List!

We will have a full time Gate attendant!¬†This individual will be placed outside the closed gate, keeping ALL whom are not “paid participants ON the Gate list” from entering. That alone will free up a bunch of my time and allow me to relax and participate myself. I have always had a list, primarily so if I were not workin the paddock radio or Gate I would know who of the paid participants had arrived. Once all were accounted for we could simply ignore the gate. Unfortunately that didn’t always work out. Curt, Sam, or even my own Bro’s would let people in just because they were looking on and asked to be let in. No more…. Closed Private means CLOSED PRIVATE and I’ll let the Management know that as well.

* The Lunch/Dinner program will be changed or discontinued!

When Curt does the meat smoking he also sets it all up and all I have to do is pay the bill. I didn’t realize how accustomed to this I had become. Going back to a self service deal, with all the help needed, added to the stress which led to my not getting any track time.


I spoke to a local Belding small business, they are a Full Service Mobile Catering/Kitchen. I met these fine folks Sunday 10-24-21 AT Grattan as they were supporting the SCCA gig that weekend. Just a brief conversation to ask a couple questions and get contact info.

I’m excited about this and will continue to follow up with them and see what can be worked out. I LOVE the idea of me being 100% hands off!!!!

* No more cash deals!

Because of the lagging USPS a few guys couldn’t get a Check through to me AND cleared before the Track Date. This will no longer be offered. Everyone had plenty of time to get payment to my inbox or mailbox, From here on out, you make a way to get your entry here in time or you don’t get in. I had no less than 4 guys that just “Showed Up” without making ANY contact prior to arriving. Simply listing the day as a “CLOSED PRIVATE TEST” online doesn’t seem to be enough. They did come into the paddock but I would not allow these guys to off load. 1 driver had already been turning laps in paid drivers karts, so, that guy got informed and paid the fee. Yet another came with a kart, unannounced, unloaded and worked on it…. in a garage yet, reserved and paid for by first come Participants! Lastly, I had to address the “buddy ride” thing too. I made it clear that was a 1 RIDE ONLY deal, but, for some the Tag-Teamin’ went on the better part of the day.

NONE of this will be acceptable in the future.

To remedy some of this, we will go ALL Paypal after a certain date. No excuses or issues, your payment arrived, you are on the list, you gain access.
Its a Closed, Private Lease …… and, while we still have the opportunity to do them, we will KEEP it that way. Any and all of the above mentioned issues are not only cheating me, but each PAID PARTICIPANT in attendance as well!

My willingness and wanting to provide a place for newbies to get their feet wet has come to bite me in the ass…. guys took advantage, or tried to. Now, only free rides going through ME will be allowed.

I know this is a lot to digest but it needed to be said, and done. I worked out 2022 with Sam already. Our Spring Test is April 9-10, we also have Saturday October 22 as our Fall date.

Hope Y’all are Well!!!!