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Robert Lawson

Very early Monday AM for me…. been up for hours.

First, I never turned a lap… the kart never left the stand!

I got NO sleep Friday night… absolutely none.

Had a sick stomach Saturday AM and we had alot of new guys that required 2 run groups most of the day. Many stupid/dangerous moves in both groups led to just as many person-person conversations, then eventually PA announcements in the dead quiet. At times, it was a mess.

It was obvious I was not going to be able to turn my post over to anyone so I could get laps, even if I DID “feel it”…. which I didn’t!

I was “concerned” about this group, hence no sleep. After it was all over I finally ate something and went to bed at 8:15….. and slept for almost 12 hours! Kenny, Bob K and I all stayed over to Sunday before heading home.¬†Hitting the bed early last night had me up at 4:30 but still got 8 more hours in!!!!

Live & Learn…. we’ll make wholesale changes from here on out.

If not, I’m not sure I can keep doing this anymore….. OR that I want to!

My Bro DID get the Flathead out to check the gear change (thanks to Bob K!!) so I have THAT video clip. Lunch and Pick-Up went smoothly so a BIG thank you to Bob Cole for draggin’ them in, Kevin Gillan, Sarah Pasteiner, Chuck Alband, Steve and Jan Pasteiner and everyone that helped with getting Lunch laid out and feeding all that came.

No complaints about the fog/late start OR time on the track. Also, although we did have 1 kart upside down our record is still clean…. no EMS rides!!

So I guess it was a success. Just tired as all get out after the past week!

Hope everyone made it home safely!!!