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Robert Lawson

Just  in time for the October Test (tounge in cheek) we are entering that “weird time” of year that causes the trees to change color and everything prepares for the Winter. Literally, its happening THIS bloody week.

For example its the only time of year when the Ambient temp reads colder than the Real Feel temp! Winter and Spring its always colder feeling and Summer it feels hotter.

Our current forecast on darksky.net for Grattan October 23rd is:
Dark Sky – 7418–7678 Lessiter Rd NE, Belding, MI

At least its dry! Once in the kart, you really don’t care. Thank GOD, I can use the excuse of “administrating” the format and “overseeing” the safety of all involved to NOT GET INTO THE KART until after lunch!!!!

Have a feeling it will be a “Meteorologist” type week!!!

Stay tuned, more to come!!!