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Robert Lawson

I’m very close to shutting down entries for the October Test Day. The response has been refreshing for sure, Its usually a bit of a struggle to get close to the number needed for the late season Test and I always just pay a bit more to make it happen…. when the weather plays along!

We just continue to Pray for dry weather and hope to get a nice 60+ degree day. GOOD to see some 250’s coming out! We have a JR Enduro, a few NEW drivers, a friend or 2 that has been out of it for awhile coming back AND at least a handful of experienced road racers New to the TEST format joining in for their first time.

I’ll have the Flathead out there for any Sprint guy to get a taste of laying down and the qualified newbie to take a spin too.

Right now I’m pretty optimistic we’ll see a nice day out there!!!

Dont sit home and watch the destruction of our Country and World… ENJOY life while you can!!!!! You are not guaranteed this freedom¬† tomorrow.

Bless Y’all,