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Robert Lawson

I posted this on FB a day or 2 ago…..

We are 1/2 way to paying the lease. Keep in mind this is a CLOSED PRIVATE TEST…. I only take enough drivers to pay the bill then I shut it down. The small number is what makes this a unique and desirable format.

PS: AS ALWAYS…. You must pre pay, I will not accept any amount of $$$ at the gate!

If we have to cancel before 10-22-21 (Friday) your $225 will be REFUNDED in Full!!!!! Try to find THAT deal anywhere else.

Don’t get left out, send an email for payment details!


I’m going to be too busy prepping my own stuff to chase y’all. Help a brother out, send yer fee so we can all plan to have a seamless weekend!

Peace Y’all