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Robert Lawson

My paypal started blowing up without even asking for October entries!

So, its time to get this thing together I guess.

We can not offer a 2 day with the booked schedule, not that I think we’d get that many guys anyway. Everyone will be put together on the single Saturday October 23rd date.

Yes, you can come out/get in to drop or camp Friday 22nd, most likely after 6pm. Yes, you can stay overnight and bail out on Sunday the 24th at no cost. No, do not count on any race gas/fuel being available. Yes, the Garage’s are available at no cost on the first come basis. Etc,etc,etc!!!

Not sure about Lunch, we may go old school and do something ourselves instead of having Curt do it for us. I’ll keep you informed.

So get that check or paypal to me soon and lets put this thing to bed early!!

$225 per driver

Robert Lawson
17731 Ivanhoe St
Roseville, MI 48066

f-125@hotmail.com (select Frens & Fam please!)

Back Soon!