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Robert Lawson


Our October test date has been changed to Saturday the 23rd!

We had been given the weekend of 10/30-31, then moved to the 24th before getting the call and locking us in on the 23rd.

For anyone wanting to stay over and leave Sunday this IS possible. The SCCA will be running a Solo event, their start point is beyond the Gate so we will be just fine to stay, camp, load and leave without having to move at all!!!!! I guess they dont use the paddock??? Arriving Friday evening to drop or Camp is open too.

Now we just pray for decent dry weather. I’ll bring the Flatty for anyone wanting to take a ride, I’m actually gonna buy some gearing for that rig and try to get it going a bit better. Surely a lighter weight guy/girl would have a better ride than a 215 lb’r!!!!

Todd, we haven’t seen you in awhile…. time to get yer can out here and play a bit before they sell the joint!!!!

I have sent my newer model engine out to be modified for Daytona, it will be back in time to test so I am really looking forward to it!!!!!


Not running Pittsburg, that is going to be a bigger cluster F*^@$ than Mid Ohio. Someone is going to get hurt if the Club/Org doesn’t change the race groups back to the way it was before “lack of total entries” changed everything.

NO NEED to have these dangerous group pairings anymore, with BIG overall entry numbers they can no longer justify race groups set up so ALL classes/formula can run multiple times a day. (which was done to pay the lease in hard times!)

Unfortunately I think a massive liability lawsuit resulting from a life ending accident due to 100+ race group kart counts, of different formula & speeds/skill levels, racing now for CASH PURSES, will result in Insurance providers telling Track Owners and Management that they will not Insure them.

It will be No Karts or No Insurance! Guess who they’ll pick???? Although Tracks compete for the same customers they DO have 1 thing they all share…. INSURANCE. There are many underwriters but only a handful of Motorsport/Racing Insurance Company’s the most prevalent being K&K. Once a track cuts off the Karts, that info will spread to others and soon just about ALL venues will not take the chance of allowing Karts. Example: Road America, Road Atlanta…. also a couple others that simply say “Were Booked” instead of telling you No Karts!

So I will not participate in that mess, although, it shouldn’t have any affect on a “Closed Private Test” of karts in smaller numbers.

We’ll see, I hope I’m wrong but the “Mega Events” are not on my to-do list.