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Robert Lawson

We are out for Gingerman.

I’m going to gamble on October, testing the RVXX/Big carb/Big pipe on my TSR and get THAT package ready for December. Hanging up the other 125 chassis for now and getting the Yamaha Pipe ride ready to test as well as the Vintage Open….. all with plans to take them to Daytona.

Rich will run Mike Krambs Quicksilver in Vintage Open, we will each have a run in the Yamaha Senior/Pipe, and I’ll run F-125.

I’m taking a step-by-step approach to the Trailer painting. The logo letters are done, I’ll now do that front/center panel, then do 1 side at a time and finish with the front panel. Door jam, side door mount & fit, diamond plate and repaint the tongue and its done…… for now!

Here’s an update…