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Robert Lawson

Just finishing up the side door rebuild on the trailer, it really turned out nice.

The Wife is telling me to call Maaco and see if they will use my paint & clear to paint the trailer!!!!! She thinks I’m nuts to paint right out in the drive!!! I’ll call tomorrow!!!!

Seriously though, this paint & rehab mess will be behind me here in a week or so. Looking forward to getting on with the F-125 before the Anderson arrives in 2 weeks and just distracts the daylights out of me.

Bad News/Good News:

Our new TIG welder went on the fritz…. after shooting a few videos of the issue and sending um off to the Customer Service guys they asked that I check some connections inside the unit. After finding them from the photos provided I found no irregularities, nothing loose, cooked or burnt. They responded by informing me that a NEW WELDER is on the way!!!! I chose this brand for the warranty and it paid off, they offered the option of a full refund as well but I want the welder so we went with the new unit instead.

We got a little behind in the welding dept but its all good to this point. Sparks will fly again at RPM very soon!!