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Robert Lawson

In my research efforts of the Yamaha WR250 engine for our Anderson chassis I have come to realize this big 250 will be cheaper to run and rebuild than my KZ’s! And thats WITH the Mondokart parts hook-up!

I got a picture of the VIN on the bike chassis today, my research findings told me that it had to be a 1991-97 model. Its a 1994. The WR as compared to the YZ of the same year is quite an advanced step up. In showroom condition the WR was 20 mph faster on top end than the YZ! Its “Wide Ratio” gear box makes it the perfect match for my Anderson chassis. I had a 96 WR 125 on my Barth F-125 chassis back in the mid 90’s, it too was an exceptional dirt bike engine and was very competitive with the Rotax’s and big bore opens of that period. I actually ran Bltd with that kart so I could help Rich get his shifter kart shook down and running.

The Pflughaupt’s have picked up the Anderson in Utah and will be handing it off at Blackhawk for the last leg of its trip to Detroit from San Jose. I have found a ride home for it so we are getting excited to see it! 2 more weeks and I’ll have it here…. and the long road of resurrecting it begins!

Trying to get through the pile of things to do so I can start thinking about Gingerman. Will also be getting the TS kart together for Grattan/October, a little Alky for the PP is in order for that!!!

Almost August Y’all, time is flyin’ by!!


UPDATE 7-29: Thanks to Joe Barth for hauling the Anderson and parts back to MI from Blackhawk!!!